Veldberry Investments (Pty) Ltd is a Botswana registered and founded company.
Further to the above, Veldberry International is spreading its wings into new markets such as Zimbabwe with all Crestcom and EnCours programmes and to the region with its seminars and conferencing activities while anchored from its main office in Botswana.
Veldberry has a rich pool of speakers, facilitators, trainers and associates locally in Botswana as well as internationally, who are engaged on an expert basis depending on the nature of the assignment or project to be undertaken.



The Company’s main focus is to enhance leadership and managerial skills development within all forms of organisations. The areas of business management and people skills is increasingly gaining prominence and significance the world over as enablers to increased motivation, business effectiveness and overall business productivity and profitability.


We offer “CRESTCOM Bullet Proof Manager Training” whose emphasis is the “enhancing of attitudes of effectiveness and productivity”.



Veldberry has Two affiliate companies offering various services. 5AM Holding is the supplies division while BOTEX Consultancy offers business consultancy services, data management and research or survey services



The Bullet Proof® Manager program adapts to our ever changing business environment to ensure leaders develop the skills they need to manage effective, productive teams. You can actively take part in the process as you Learn new leadership skills from our growing team of experts or Lead training classes by enrolling with us.

Crestcom franchisees conduct three programs that target managers, marketing and sales people and office personnel. Trainees receive workbooks, written materials and video / DVD based instruction and presentations by some of the world leading business authors and trainers such as Nido Qubein and Jim Cathcart who are two of the top leadership trainers in the world, Amanda Gore, an authority in stress management, Marcia Steele an expert in Strategic thinking and planning who helps organisations like 3M, Coca Cola and General Electric. Participants also attend sessions taught by the franchisees. Follow-up exercises for the courses, which average one certified facilitator per 20 students, include role playing, case studies and train-the-trainer skill building activities.
Apart from the focused courses, the franchise also offers other training programmes such as Selling and Sales Management, Customer Service and Recruiting/hiring and employee retention.

The training would be conducted over a period of 4 months and this varies with the level of participants' aptitude, understanding and assimilation. Typically three days in every month would be reserved for training. During everyday of training the approximate breakdown of training methods to be used would be as follows: -
70% Practical Application
25% Video Instruction
5% Personal Action Planning
Based on a survey carried out on business leaders and entrepreneurs in 40 countries to identify the skills they would most like to see addressed in entrepreneurship training courses, the following skills areas were selected as the primary topics required in entrepreneurship training curriculum and also form the platform or foundation of the Veldberry Crestcom Bullet Proof Manager Training Programme are: -
1. Ability to Motivate others
2. Change management
3. Coaching and mentoring
4. Communication skills (listening and speaking)
5. Customer service
6. Negotiating skills
7. Performance management
8. Planning and goal setting
9. Marketing and sales management
10. Managing stress







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