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BotEx Consultancy is a start-up consulting firm taking over the function that 5 AM Holding (Pty) Ltd. t/a 5 AM Consultancy (Pty) Ltd was doing; BotEx focuses on serving the comprehensive needs of businesses in the full range of the business cycle. With a core staff of experienced professionals and a team approach to most consulting projects, BotEx Consultancy will be able to offer a more balanced quality service than many of its competitors.

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Project Managment

Project Management is important to a company; without a project management method, those who commission a project, those who manage it and those who work on it will have different ideas about how things should be organized and when the different aspects of the project will be completed. The various people involved in the project need clarity on how much responsibility, authority and accountability they have to avoid confusion. Proper project management ensures that projects are completed on time and within acceptable cost and this is even more crucial for large projects. BotEx Training Institute (Veldberry) is the answer to proper project management training.

Strategy and Business Plan

Development of a corporate strategy and business plan which addresses and talks to Shareholders, the Board of Directors and the rest of the company is not always an easy task for management. The main reason is that the gap between the realities of business operations and the theory of strategy development is sometimes too wide to bridge. The effective option is to hire a consulting company to provide the service. The modules aims to train and equip management with in-house skills and tools. Entrepreneurs provide a solid foundation for economic growth yet this is an area that is not adequately addressed in business studies theory and not easy for skills transfer. This module gives the critical success factors for entrepreneurship.

HR Development

The most important internal asset to a company is Human Resource (HR). Good leadership is a combination of attitude, skills, talent and experience. As such, leadership is a precious resource in companies. The most important external asset is a customer. Organizational leadership is concerned with selling products and services to meet customer requirements and meet the company business plan targets.

Technology Solutions

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) are changing rapidly and providing significant competitive advantage to business. Management is forever trying to catch up with the new rules of engagement with customers and the greater community as defined by Social Media. The courses provide training in ICT Technical areas and how Executives can take advantage of Social Media. .

Governance and Monitoring

Stakeholders measure the performance of organizations differently. Management sometimes finds it challenging to balance the expectations. The governance and monitoring framework in place determines performance measurement. The courses equip management of organizations ranging from profit driven corporates to non-profit making organizations:
a) Human Rights
• Introduction to Human Rights Education
• Children's Rights
• Gender and Human Rights
b) Governance and Ethics
• Corporate Governance
• Accountability for Sustainability Issues
• Integration of Sustainability Commitments into Business Processes
• Business Ethics
• Corporate Social Responsibility .

Business Consultancy

We are becoming Botswana's first choice strategic partner for Research and/or Survey Projects, Training, Consultancy, Market Research, Implementation and Operations services. Our deliverables are Clean Data Sets from our Data Collection efforts, Customized Training, Market Research, Business, Technology and Commercial Strategy, Design and Implementation of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Solutions, Business Processes and Customer Experience.
Our professional services include Fieldwork Data Collection, Project Management, Market Research, RFP Drafting, Tender Evaluation, Contract Negotiations, ICT Mergers & acquisitions, Business Transformation and Greenfield ICT Business Implementations.Our experts/consultants use participatory and integrated approaches because consultation of the stakeholders is the key to appraising the local situation. They ensure that all relevant stakeholders are part of such consultations in order to avoid bias and/or misrepresentations.

Recent Works

We love what we do, check out some of our latest Projects


MEASURE Evaluation


MEASURE Evaluation is the Implementing Partner. The local quantitative research partner (5 AM Holdings (Pty). Ltd. [BotEx Consultancy]) is responsible for implementing a one point-in-time quantitative data collection under the supervision of MEASURE EvaluationBotEx Consultancy works in close collaboration with MEASURE Evaluation to carry out:
• Compilation of Beneficiary Lists (PEPFAR and GOB)
• Leading data collection including assembling and training of field teams; set-up and maintenance of a survey data management system,
• Providing field data quality assurance,
• Data cleaning, Data analysis and, Report writing.

National Situation Analysis On Orphans And Vulnerable Children In Botswana


As the Implementing Partner our role was to:
• Coordinate the field data collection; ensure data quality and management during the data collection, as well as data cleaning resulting in a clean data set.
• Assemble a team of experts, and design the data collection structure and execute the data collection activities.
• Work closely with Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development - The Department of Social Protection (DSP), the survey Technical
WorkGroup (TWG) and relevant stakeholders (CDC, UNICEF and Statistics Botswana).
• Data analysis and final report writing.

National Survey on Life Experiences and Risk of HIV Infection


4Children is the implementing partner contracted to provide technical and field support for the Situation Analysis, and sub-contracted 5AM Holdings (Pty) Ltd (BotEx Consultancy) as the Local Research Partner (LRP) for the household survey component. BotEx Consultancy’s scope of work included:
• Leading data collection including assembling and training of field teams; set-up and maintenance of a survey data management system,
• Providing field data quality assurance,
• Data cleaning, Data analysis and, Report writing.



This Project was for the Ministry of Health and Wellness Botswana, HIV sentinel zero-prevalence surveys have been conducted since 1992 in public health facilities among pregnant women and men having signs of sexually transmitted infections (STIs). To address the lack of HIV behavioral data, the National AIDS Coordinating Agency (NACA) and the Central Statistics Office (CSO) with the assistance of national and global partners have been conducting since 2000 population based behavioral surveys to estimate of HIV prevalence and assess/determine the risk factors in Botswana.
The main goal of the survey was to monitor priority health-risk behaviors and estimate HIV prevalence and associated risk factors among secondary school students in Botswana to better inform program efforts.



The main purpose of this project was to develop a mobile 'store and forward' telemedicine solution that would be used to facilitate referral/consultancy communication between healthcare workers at district hospitals and clinics for the specialties of Oral, Dermatology, Cervical Cancer Screening program and Radiology. In addition the system was envisaged to store patient data and generate relevant reports for various management needs. It was also envisaged that that system must integrate with the current MOH Integrated Patient Management System (IPMS).


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